Launched July 2008, Current / Elliott has raised the bar for the denim standard. Born out of love for vintage denim and its Americana roots-from the washes to the range of fits and styles- the collection respects the history of denim and its timelessness offering easy to wear instant wardrobe favorites.
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The Soho Zip Stiletto Castle Coated Denim ...
$44.90 $226.86  

V-Neck T-Shirt
$22.35 $81.57  

The Soho Zip Stiletto Navy Coated Denim Pants
$44.90 $226.86  

The Traveler Black Destroy Denim Pants
$44.90 $229.22  

The Stiletto Townie Denim Pants
$33.73 $179.80  

The Skinny Loved Destroy Denim Pants
$44.90 $200.20  

The Stiletto Jodie Shredded Denim Pants
$44.90 $248.63  

The Boyfriend Super Loved Destroyed Denim ...
$44.90 $216.67  

The Cropped Straight Jodie Destroy Denim P...
$44.90 $211.57  

Prep School Shirt
$44.90 $229.22  

The Stiletto Black Tattered Denim Pants
$44.90 $218.04  

The Fling Bottom Loved Denim Pants
$44.90 $191.18  

The Ankle Skinny Bottom Denim Pants
$33.73 $164.51  

The Stiletto Typhoon Destroy Denim Pants
$44.90 $211.57