Blush & Max was born as a brand celebrating the enormous energy and potential created by conflicting feelings within a woman. While "Blush" represents our feminine aspects that make women more fragile, clear and delicate; Max stands for stronger, more ambitious, more secure feelings. With Blush & Max, every woman gets a chance to express herself by finding an option that corresponds to different moods within her. Each of the products that are completely handcrafted by the brand is unique just like the women wearing them.​

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Hex Cuff

Black Up Ring

Pure Icon Ring

Reverse Ring

Black Icon Ring

Black Blossom Ring

Brown Icon Ring

White Enigma Ring

Cream Ring

Lilt Bracelet

Queen Ring

Muse Ring

Moon Ring

Direction Ring

Gate Ring

Black & White Crush Ring

Hex Ring

Chance Bracelet

Princess Ring

Glam Handpiece

Loop Cuff

Black Enigma Ring

Pyramid Ring

White Blossom Ring

White Up Ring

Broken Ring

Stamp Ring

White Crush Ring

Man Up Ring

Utopia Ring