Bimen Baklacıoğlu who was born in 1984 in Istanbul to a Istanbul-Armenian family, stepped into the jewellery sector in 2000 at Kapalıçarşı, the heart of this so called magical craft for hundreds of years. In a short span of time, he was specialized in his profession and perfected his career on "Diamond Mounting Craft". Baklacıoğlu activated his own workshop at Cağaloğlu/Istanbul in 2012 and started to make a strong impression in the eyes of both the connoisseur and the common man, thanks to his unique tailor-made jewellery designs.Bimen Baklacıoğlu, under the brand name "BİMEN JEWELLERY", keeps working and creating with the motto: "High Class Craftsmanship, Highly Satisfied Customers". In accordance with the improving and changing sectoral dynamics, "Bimen Jewellery" continues to enrich your elegance, via diversified online sales channels respectively.

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Ruby Stone Heart Necklace

Rope Solitaire Iolite Heart Bracelet

Solitaire Heart Aqua Marine Ring

Ruby Heart Earrings

Rope Solitaire Iolite Gold Whole Heart Bra...

Tree Branch Bracelet
$405.00 $476.47  

Apple Necklace
$231.67 $272.55  

Tree Branch Bracelet
$405.00 $476.47  

Butterfly Ear Cuff
$120.00 $141.18  

Butterfly of Diamonds Bracelet
$296.67 $349.02  

Baguette Cut Sapphire Bracelet
$354.17 $416.67  

Small Colorful Stones and Diamond Necklace
$240.00 $282.35  

Baguette Cut Emerald Bracelet
$354.17 $416.67  

Baguette Cut Ruby Bracelet
$354.17 $416.67  

Diamond Bar Ear cuff
$150.00 $176.47  

Daisy Earrings
$129.17 $151.96  

Starfish & Fish Necklace
$363.33 $427.45  

Full Round of Emeralds Ring
$193.33 $227.45  

Baguette Cut Aquamarine Ring

Small Colorful Stones and Diamond Earrings
$440.00 $517.65  

Coffee Necklace
$157.50 $185.29  

Big Colorful Stones and Diamond Earrings
$468.33 $550.98  

Queen Royel Ring
$375.00 $441.18  

Ladybug Earrings
$150.00 $176.47  

Daisy of Brown Diamonds Ring
$157.50 $185.29  

Clover Ear Cuff
$120.00 $141.18  

Pearl and Diamond Ring
$165.00 $194.12  

Asymmetric Amethyst Bracelet
$251.67 $296.08  

Black & White Diamond Bar Earrings
$260.00 $305.88  

Oval Cut Peridot Ring