Başak Cankeş, the founder and lead designer of Bashaques followed her passion and studied fashion design at Fine Arts Department to create his own dream and build an inspiring future. Finding her inspiration in art, different cultures and traveling, the designer's brand offers wearable art and inspire women with an artistic point of view.

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Embroidery Sahra Shirt

Long Raincoat West

Embroidery Detail Leather Coat

Leather Skirt

Leather & Wool Mini Dress

Short Leather Jacket

Organza Coat

Black Leather & Fur Vest


Fringe Detail Colorful Jumper

Vest & Blouse

Blue Shirt

Hand Woven Dress

Hand Painted Skirt

Embroidery Janissary Shirt

Leather & Wool Dress

White Duvet Vest

Gaudi Pattern Short shirt

Black Hand Knit Jumper

Wearable Art Piece Mini Skirt

Autumn Emotions Influenced Printed Long Dress

Visky Leather Multi Pocket Vest

Gaudi Skirt With Embroidery Detail

Dress With Gaudi Embroidery